About individual email subscriber information


Use this document to understand the components on the individual blog subscriber admin page. You can see how to access this information here


Available statistics on this page

Subscriber: The individual subscriber in question.

Subscribed: The date the subscriber signed up for blog notifications.

Rating: The rating for the given subscriber determined by MailChimp’s rating algorithm. This algorithm takes into account delivery, open, and click rates as well as general activity (sharing the email socially, forwarding the email, etc) tracked for the subscriber.

Details Tab: This tab includes general information about the subscriber.


Email Address: The email address of the subscriber.

Profile Updated: The last time the subscriber managed their profile preferences.

Time Zone: The timezone where the subscriber last opened a notification from the blog.

Location: The location where the subscriber last opened a notification from the blog.

Language: The language used by the email client for the subscriber.

Favorite Email Client: The most common email software that the subscriber uses to open emails.


Activity Tab: This tab provides a look at the subscribers activity for notifications sent.


Open Rate: The average rate at which the subscriber opens notifications sent to them.

Clicked Rate: The average rate at which the subscriber clicks links inside notifications sent to them.

Activity Stream: A view, by notification, of actions a subscriber takes for a given campaign. This can include passive actions like “Received” (noting that the subscriber has the notification in their email inbox) and active actions like “Clicked” (indicating the subscriber clicked on a specific link, and which link that was) or “Opened” (indicating the subscriber has opened a given email).


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