About new blog and blog redesign phases

This document explains the new blog or blog redesign process at LexBlog. You will find an outline of each of the project phases below with the overall goals for each phase.

If you would like to create a new blog or redesign an existing blog, please contact success@lexblog.com.


Kickoff Phase (1 of 4)

During this phase we will plan the focus and concept of your blog with the LexBlog team! The following tasks will need to be completed by you and other blog stakeholders:

  • Identify blog stakeholders: who will be involved in the design process or writing for the blog?
  • Schedule a design call: https://lexblogdesign.youcanbook.me/. To make the most of your time, please have all stakeholders present for the design call.
  • Submit the LexBlog technical and blog strategy questionnaires.

If not completed in the blog questionnaires:


Design Phase (2 of 4)

In the project design phase we develop a visual theme with our designers based off of your feedback from the design call.

The Design phase is broken into two milestones, Design Discovery and Design Reveal, with the ultimate goal of creating a design that all blog stakeholders approve.


Design Discovery

  • Join the design call to discuss layout, colors, typography, fonts, imagery, and general design preferences.
  • Share your branding guidelines with our design team. Please send any firm logos in a .ai or .eps vector format.
  • Our design team will produce the initial design of your pre-live blog.


Design Reveal

  • When the initial design is complete, we will send a link view the pre-live blog design. This starts the design revision round.
  • Assess the design with the stakeholders of the blog and request adjustments with our designer.
  • If necessary, request another design revision round.
  • Approve the final design.


Pre-launch Review Phase (3 of 4)

In the pre-launch review phase, LexBlog will guide you through setting up users, adding post content and page copy, and finalizing the setup of associated services.


Launch Phase (4 of 4)

In the final launch phase, LexBlog will confirm the launch details and schedule your launch date.

  • Schedule your launch date with the LexBlog Success Team. Available days are Tuesdays through Thursdays.
  • Carefully review the launch confirmation details sent by LexBlog.
  • On the launch day, remind all users to stay logged out of the blog until we confirm with you the blog is live.
  • Happy Blogging!
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