Add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your site

Google Analytics measures visits your sites. It works by adding a tracking ID to each page on your site. This document explains how to add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your site.


Before you start

  • You'll need a user account with an Administrator role.
  • Your site must be on a Professional, Boutique or Full Service plans.
  • Your site must be launched and pointing to its primary domain, i.e.,
  • You'll need a Google Account.



  1. Log in with your Google account at
  2. Click Admin in the lower left corner.
  3. In the Account column, either select the account you would like to add your site to, or create a new Account.
  4. In the Property column, click the Property menu, and then click Create New Property.
  5. Under Setting up your property, enter the title of your site in Website Name.
  6. In Website URL, enter your domain, including the www if applicable. If your site is on our Premier Managed Platform, change the protocol from http:// to https://.
  7. Under Industry Category, select Law and Government or a more appropriate category.
  8. Select your desired Reporting Time Zone.
  9. Click Get Tracking ID.
  10. On the Success page, under Tracking ID copy the text starting with UA-.
  11. Log in to your site.
  12. Navigate to Site Settings > SEO.
  13. Under Search Engines and Analytics, paste your Tracking ID in the Google Analytics Tracking Code field.
  14. Click Submit.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your traffic to first appear in Google Analytics.


Add Google Analytics to your site Dashboard

If your site is hosted on our Premier Managed Platform, you can display Google Analytics stats on your site's dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Site Settings > SEO. Under Search Engines and Analytics, click the link at Get Google Analytics access code here.
  2. In the new tab that opens, log in to your Google account used for Google Analytics.
  3. On the Google Analytics+ wants to view your data page, click Allow.
  4. On the Sign In page, copy the code.
  5. Return to the Site Settings > SEO page. Paste the code in the Paste Google access code here field.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. In the Google Analytics Property menu, select your site.
  8. Click Submit.


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