About Email Notifications settings

The Email Notifications tab in Site Settings controls your email subscriber list and campaign settings. It is available to Administrator users on sites using our Professional, Boutique and Full Service product plans.



Reports the status of your email subscriber list and email notification campaign. The status can be:

  • Not Activated: The list and/or campaign needs to be created in order to start sending emails.
  • Paused: The campaign will not send email notifications until it is Resumed.
  • Active: The campaign is sending email notifications to your subscriber list after new posts are published.


Change Status

You can change the status of your campaign email notifications. When a campaign is Active, you can select Pause to stop sending notifications, and when a campaign is Paused, you can select Resume to start sending notifications again.

When Resuming a campaign, it will only send posts that have been published within the Send Frequency. For example, if the Send Frequency is Daily, a resumed campaign will only send posts published in the past 24 hours and will not send older posts published while the campaign was Paused.


Subscriber List Settings

List Name

The List Name will appear on your site's subscriber preferences and unsubscribe pages. We recommend leaving this at the default setting of Firm Name - Site Name.


Firm Name

This field controls how your firm name appears in email notifications and is used in contact information required by the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act.


Street Address, Street Address Continued, City, State/Region, Zip or Postal Code, Country

To comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, your email notifications must contain your physical postal address. Enter the primary address associated with your site in these fields.


From Name

Controls the name that appears in the "From" header of your email notifications. Depending on your site, you may want to enter the name of the site, firm or editor.


Email Notification Campaign Settings

Email Subject Line

The subject line of your email notifications will be dynamically generated based on the content of the email. This field controls what subject line template will be used. You can choose between:

  • Post(s) from [YOUR SITE TITLE] for [DATE OF EMAIL]

If there are multiple new posts in an email notification, the most recent post title will be the only one used in the subject line.


Send Time in U.S. Eastern Time

The Send Time field controls the hour (U.S. Eastern Time) your email notification campaigns will be sent according to your Send Frequency. After adjusting this setting, we recommend sending a test email notification so you can see what the email will contain if no new content is published before the Send Time.

We don't recommend adjusting this frequently to send email notifications sooner than your regular Send Time. Sending at a consistent time is better for deliverability and subscriber engagement, and errors in adjustment can cause emails to be sent at an unintended time or not at all.


Send Frequency and Send Days

This field controls how often email notifications will be sent when new posts have been published:

  • Daily: Sends posts published in the past 24 hours at your chosen Send Time on the Send Days you select, such as Monday through Friday. 
  • Weekly: Sends posts published in the past seven days at your chosen Send Time on the Send Day of the week you select.
  • Monthly: Sends posts published in the past month at your chosen Send Time on the Send Day of the month you select.

Weekly email notifications have the highest subscriber open and click rates and the fewest unsubscribes and spam complaints.


Send Test Email Notifications

Test Email Recipients

You can send a test email notification to confirm your settings changes or to see the content an email will contain if no new content is published before the next Send Time. Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses the test email notification should be sent to, and click Send Test Email Notifications. The test email will arrive within a few minutes with the subject line beginning with [Test]. 

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