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We have added new site settings tools exclusively for Premier Managed Platform site administrators. With these new controls, you can make many new changes to multiple blogs without having to contact us directly. Some of the new tools include: adjust your site information, manage multiple users at once, update contact form recipients, manage disqus comment moderators and manage your SEO Settings.

Administrators on Professional, Boutique, or Full Service product plan sites can access the Site Settings tab. Read further for a summary of all the new Site Settings tools available at your fingertips. 


Site Information Settings  

The Site Information tab in Site Settings controls the appearance and function of several key pieces of your blog.

With Site Information Settings you can manage the site title, tagline, time zone, firm name and firm website. Review Site Information Settings Here


Manage Multiple Users 

Add multiple new users at once through the Site Settings tool using our User CSV Template. Learn more about uploading bulk users to your site here


Set Contact Form Recipients 

Change who receives emails sent through the Contact Form, plus test your changes by submitting a test message via your contact form. Learn more about Contact Forms here


Manage Email Notifications

Control your email subscriber list and campaign settings.  

  • With Campaign Status, you can pause and activate email notifications at any time. 
  • With Subscriber List Settings, you can update the list name, firm name, street address and firm name. 
  • With Email Notification Campaign Settings, update the subject line, send time, frequency and days. 
  • After making Email Notification changes, you can send a test email to confirm your changes. 

Learn more about Email Notifications here


Manage Disqus Comments Moderators 

Connect your site to the Disqus comments platform and add or remove Disqus comment moderators.

Learn more about Disqus Comments here


SEO Settings 

The SEO tab controls your title tags, social media meta data, search engine indexing and verification, and Google Analytics tracking code.

With SEO Settings you can manage: 

  • Title Tags
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Open Graph and Twitter Card Meta 
  • Search Engines and Analytics 
  • Google Analytics 

Learn more about SEO Settings here






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