About the Domain Name tab

The Domain Name tab in Site Settings lets you register a domain through LexBlog or use a domain you've previously registered, change its name servers, point the DNS records, and launch your site. Administrators on Professional, Boutique, and Full Service sites can access the Domain Name tab.

Note: Domain registration, name server updates, and pointing can each take several hours. We recommend you complete these steps first when setting up a new site to launch. Do not click the Launch button until you have completed all items in the Launch checklist.


Domain Registration

Registration means you reserve a domain name from a domain registrar. When you register a domain through LexBlog, we pay for it and auto renew the domain every year. The Domain Registration section allows you to search and register a domain, or to use a domain you have already registered.

If you register a new domain through this menu, you will use this menu to change the domain's name servers. Similar to a phone book matching names with phone numbers, name servers match your domain name with an IP address.

If you add a domain you have registered elsewhere, you will need to update the name servers through your registrar.


Domain Pointing

With domain pointing, you tell the name servers which IP address your domain points to. In this case, you point your domain to LexBlog's servers.



The Launch button maps your domain to your blog content in our servers. By mapping your domain, our servers know which blog to display when someone types your domain in their address bar.

You should click the Launch button only after you have completed all the steps in the Launch checklist.

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