HTTPS Now Standard Everywhere on the LexBlog Platform

Having HTTPS everywhere on your blog or site provides superior security for both you and your users, plus increases your visibility on the web. HTTPS is now standard everywhere on the LexBlog Platform (excluding legacy Movable Type sites). Some of the benefits include:


  • HTTPS is the Industry Standard for Security: Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) is the industry standard technology for encrypting connections between web servers and browsers. This means that visitors' interactions with blogs will be safe from monitoring and tampering.
  • HTTPS is perceived as trustworthy by readers: When you visit a site with HTTPS, the web browser will show a green padlock, indicating it’s a safe site to visit. Sites that do not have HTTPS, however, have an alert on the web browser that warns “This Site is Not Secure.”


  • Sites using HTTPS are more search engine friendly: Google uses HTTPS as a factor in its algorithm, ranking secure sites higher.
  • Authentication: HTTPS proves to the visitor that they are communicating with the intended site and not a middleman who could potentially steal sensitive information.
  • Website performance: Another benefit of HTTPS is that sites can now be served over HTTP/2, which is several times faster than HTTP 1.1— typical website performance gain is 30 percent faster.

Fix Mixed Content Errors 

When a site with a secure connection (https://) serves items like photo and video from an insecure site (http://), mixed content errors occur. Follow these steps to fix the issue

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