Send a Pending Review email notification

The Pending Review Notifier sends email notifications to users of your choosing that have a role of Editor or Administrator when a user notes that a post is ready for review. The email notification contains the post status, title, author name, and links to edit the post or change the notification settings for the site.

Before you start


  • Log into your site
  • Navigate to Posts > All Posts
  • Edit the post for which you wish to send an email notification
  • Find the Publish box on the screen and click the Edit link next to the Status field
  • Trigger an email notification to the designated Editors and Administrators by using the select menu to transition the status of the post from:
    • Draft to Pending Review
    • Published to Pending Review
    • Pending Review to Publish (sends a confirmation email that the post has been published to the designated Editors and Administrators and the author of the post)
  • Note: Moving a post from Draft to Published or from Published back to Draft (skipping Pending Review status) does not send notifications to the editors.
  • Click Update (or Publish if publishing from a Pending Review status)

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