About nameserver updates

If you own your domain, we will need you to update your nameservers prior to launch.

We will email you the nameserver updates you need to make. The specifics on how to make these updates will depend on where you purchased your domain. How-to guides for several common services are as follows:


In some cases it can take up to 72 hours for nameserver updates to propagate. It is therefore helpful to plan ahead and make this update as soon as possible.

Advanced Considerations

Updating nameservers will not take your currently live blog or site offline. That's because we will not actually update the A or CNAME records until launch day; until then your existing DNS records will remain and continue pointing to your existing site.

Updating your nameservers is a much more robust long-term solution than pointing directly to an IP address because it allows us to make subsequent updates without needing to burden you.


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