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LexBlog uses oEmbed to embed videos and other media into WordPress sites. We do not host uploaded videos as services like YouTube and Vimeo provide a better user experience. WordPress provides a list of supported services.

These steps will help you embed a video in a post or page.

Before you start

  • To embed a video on a post, you need a user account with Contributor privileges or higher.
  • To embed a video on a page, you need a user account with Editor privileges or higher.


  1. Find a video hosted on a supported service. Copy the URL from the browser address bar: 

Note: Embed shortcodes will not work on our platform. <iframe> codes will only work on Full Service plan blogs.

  1. Open a post or page to edit.
  2. Paste the video URL into the visual editor.
  3. Save or update the post or page.

Additional Resources

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