Point your domain and launch your site

Pointing will cause your domain name to forward to your site's pre-live URL, such as example.lexblogplatform.com. Launching will cause your domain name to load up your site and your pre-live URL to redirect to your domain name. This article explains pointing your domain and launching your site.

Note: If your domain currently points to a live website, pointing your domain to our servers will take your site offline. You should not click the Launch button until completing all the steps in the launch checklist.


Before you start

  • Your site must be launching on a Professional, Boutique, or Full Service plan.
  • You must have a user account with an Administrator role.
  • Register your domain and update the name servers.



  1. Navigate to Site Settings > Domain Name.
  2. Click the Point button.
  3. After the page displays the pointing date, you can then click Launch.
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