About the Customizer

The Customizer allows you to preview and change many parts of your site's design. The available customization options depend on your site's plan and starter design. Users with an Administrator role on a Professional, Boutique or Full Service plan can access the Customizer.

The Customizer displays a series of control panels on the left and a live preview of your site on the right:




Accessing the Customizer

You must have a user account with an Administrator role. After logging in to your site, go to Appearance > Customize.


Selecting elements to edit

To edit an element in the Customizer, you can:

  • In the preview panel, move your mouse over the element you to want to edit, hold Shift, then click.
  • Navigate to the element through the Panels menu on the left.


Previewing, saving, and scheduling changes

As you make changes in the Customizer, you'll see a preview of your updates on the right. Changes won't affect your site until you click Save & Publish above the panels.

You can save your changes as a draft or schedule changes to go live in the future. After making updates, click the gear icon next to Save & Publish. In the new menu, select Save Draft or Schedule.

To exit the Customizer without applying unsaved changes, click the X above the panels.


Customizer options

At the bottom of the Customizer panel, you have two options:

Screenshot of hide controls and device preview options

  • Hide Controls: This hides the Customizer panels, giving you a full-width preview of your site.
  • Device Preview buttons: Click an icon to preview how your site appears on desktop, tablet, or smartphone displays.
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