Add an image to a post or page

Images increase the visual appeal of posts and pages. Social media properties can also display those images when a post is shared on their networks. This document explains how to add an image to a post or page.


Before you start

  • You'll need a user account on the blog. If you are editing a page, you must be an Editor.
  • If you have not previously uploaded the image to the blog's Media Library, you'll need the image file saved to your hard drive in a .jpeg or .png format.



  1. Open a post or page to edit.
  2. Above the text editor, click Add Media:
    Screen shot of Add Media button
  3. Either select an image from the Media Library, or click Upload Files to select an image from your hard drive.
  4. Edit the image size, URL, title, caption or alt text.
  5. Click Insert into post or Insert into page.
  6. If desired, change the image alignment.


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