Guide to Static Pages (Promotional Blog Content)

While not required, static (“promotional”) copy on your blog is recommended by LexBlog as an opportunity to share with visitors, readers, and subscribers your passion for the work you do and impetus to publish your blog and network online. Good promotional copy is both personal and professional, is specific to your blog (i.e. is not just a copy/paste of the exact wording of your firm website biography), is succinct, and answers the question “why should I care that _____ is writing a blog?”

Sidebar Copy

Your blog design may include a sidebar and/or footer section for a short “About” paragraph. If so, this paragraph will display on every page. We recommend keeping this short (~50-75 words) and focused, on either the individual publisher (“About Joe Blogger”), the firm (“About ABC Law Firm”), or the blog (“About Trademark Law Blog”). Following are some examples of good sidebar content:

Example #1: Energy and the Law

About Charles Sartain
I have been helping clients of all types resolve their commercial disputes for most of my 35 years as a lawyer. Of the many industries in which I have worked, the energy business is the most fascinating. The clients are smart and driven to success, the legal issues are challenging, the facts are complicated, the dollars are real, and the opposition is formidable.

Example #2: Toronto Estate Law Blog

About Hull & Hull
With experience dating back to 1957, Hull & Hull LLP is a recognized leader in the estates and trusts fields. Our lawyers have written two of Canada’s leading texts on estates law, and have acted in some of this country’s largest and most complex estates cases. This legal leadership continues, with the firm’s lawyers writing numerous articles on estate issues and pushing the boundaries of legal knowledge with ongoing blogs and podcasts.

Example #3: Construction Law Watch

About Construction Law Watch
This blog is dedicated to reporting on legal topics pertinent to the construction industry and those affected by it – be it owners, developers, or community associations. We welcome your comments and hope you find the blog to be insightful and a useful resource.

Page Copy

In pages, you can share more personal and professional background information. Your blog is configured to include as many pages as you would like, but your design may be limited to only a few pages to be included in the main navigation. The three most common pages around our network are:

The place for a short background about the individual or group, which can be both personal and professional. Like a short blog post, we recommend keeping this under 300 words. If your blog has multiple contributors, your design of this page will likely include a display of multiple biographies and headshots which is something LexBlog will help you set up.

The best “About” pages share the following traits:

  1. The content is more than just a biography or CV like a firm website profile.
  2. There is a clear voice in the writing. May include lawyer’s personal philosophy.
  3. The page fits the tone of the blog overall - it makes sense in the context of blog content.

Example 1: Equine Law Blog:

Hi, I’m Alison Rowe, and I write the Equine Law Blog to inform Texas horse owners about noteworthy legal developments and legal issues that affect them. I started the Equine Law Blog in early 2008, when I noted that there were few on-line legal resources for Texas horse owners.

During the course of my legal career, I have handled both transactional and litigation matters for horse owners and businesses involved in virtually every breed and discipline.

When I’m not busy helping clients with their equine legal matters, I like to ride my horse, play the dobro, work on the family farm, and hang out with my miniature dachshunds.

To contact me, please call me at 817-555-5555, or shoot me an email.

Example 2: Retail Law Advisor:

Welcome to the Retail Law Advisor!

This blog keeps you connected to timely developments and emerging issues in retail law and covers a wide range of topics related to the retail, restaurant and consumer industry.

We encourage you to visit our blog often and be in touch with us if you have any suggestions or recommendations. We invite you to learn more about Goulston & Storrs and our Retail, Restaurant & Consumer Group.

Thank you for visiting our Retail Law Advisor blog. We hope you share it with your colleagues and come back often!

You can elaborate on the legal services provided by the individual, group, and/or firm on a dedicated “Services” page. Although a personal touch that follows the tone of the blog still works for this type of content, this page can be more professionally-focused and short as it is intended to focus on legal services provided by the individual, group, and/or firm. Best practice is to first provide a short summary of the legal services provided by the individual, group, or firm that are specific to the blog’s niche focus followed by a list of the additional services offered. These pages work best when they differentiate the individual or group from other individuals or groups offering the same legal services.

Specific good examples include:

Example #1: Internet, Information Technology & e-Discovery Blog

Since 1978, Peter has represented buyers and sellers of computer technology and Internet services, in contract negotiations and in trials throughout the United States. He also acts as a special master for complex eDiscovery disputes, and as a mediator and arbitrator in computer technology and Internet disputes. His specialties include:

- IT and Internet litigation
- Dispute resolution
- Contract negotiation

In addition, Peter has served as adjunct faculty at the SMU Dedman School of Law on computer technology and Internet courses since 1986.

Example #2: South Carolina Intellectual Property Litigation

I realized real quickly in private practice how easy it would be to advise clients on how to avoid risks (and opportunities, and profits).  Clients want realistic advice on how to move forward, understanding as best they can with existing available information, the risks and options available to them.  Whether in litigation or in advising on potential transactions or other issues, we fully employ all our resources and creativity to help our clients find the best possible solutions to their issues.  We are also dedicated to understanding your business so we can work WITH you to ensure that you receive maximum value from the engagement.

Client Focused Fee Arrangements
As a small firm, we have the flexibility to, first, listen to our clients, and second, to create fee based relationships that suit the client’s needs while also maintaining incentives for obtaining the best result for the matter at issue.  This includes traditional hourly rate billing, flat fees (on occasion), blended hourly and contingent fees, as well as contingent fee arrangements.

Intellectual Property
As a registered patent attorney with years of trial and court room experience, we are uniquely situated to handle any litigation or client counseling issue related to intellectual property.  This includes patent litigation, trademark litigation, copyright litigation, trade secret litigation, and counseling related to these issues.

Commercial Litigation
South Carolina is a relatively small state such that my practice also includes most all types of commercial litigation.  My years of experience in counseling clients on whether or not to file suit, and how to get the results they desire from any particular situation contribute to our ability to draft and revise contracts, as well as litigate business disputes.  This includes lending disputes, operational banking matters, partnership disputes, and other matters.

Fraud Litigation
Related to the above, I have been fortunate to work on numerous large scale fraud cases, including working with prosecutors on dual tracked criminal and civil suits.  This experience and the team of professionals we work with to handle these cases has been a very rewarding experience.

Client Counseling
Experience litigating transactions gone bad, as well as employee disputes, lender / borrower disputes, franchise disputes and other commercial and IP related matters enables us to provide unique insight and value to clients in need of assistance and advice on how to start, stop, or continue business relationships.

Your LexBlog contact page will include a contact form and address(es)/contact information for your firm. Occasionally, a short paragraph is added to the beginning of the contact page though this is not required or strongly recommended as visitors go to this page specifically looking for ways to contact the individual or group behind the blog.

Here are some ways our network members have customized the content above (or below) the contact form:

Example #1: Pennsylvania Family Law

If you have questions regarding any posts to this blog, suggestions with respect to future posts, or would like to communicate any other issues relating to Pennsylvania Family Law and/or this Blog, feel free to contact us. We will respond, as appropriate, to all relevant emails.


Example #2: PharmaPatents

If you have a question or would like more information on the PharmaPatents blog or our Chemical, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Practice, please complete the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you send e-mail through this service, your e-mail will not create an attorney-client relationship and will not necessarily be treated as privileged or confidential. You should not send sensitive or confidential information via this e-mail service. The firm may not choose to accept you as a client. Moreover, as the internet is not necessarily a secure environment it is possible that your e-mail sent via the internet might be intercepted and read by third parties.

Where to Draft and/or Submit Content

A member of the LexBlog Success Team can assist you with getting your static copy onto your site. For the two types of static copy:

  • Send sidebar (left- or right-side and/or footer) copy directly to the Success Team as this is often locked into your site’s design.
  • You can edit page copy and draft directly into your blog. See these resources on how to edit pages, including navigating around specialized code or text you see in brackets.
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