5/15/15 Blog Platform Upgrade Summary

Our latest platform update brings improvements to your blog editing experience, and helps maintain a stable and secure platform for you. Please take note of the following updates and let us know what you think in a reply to this thread.

In this update:


Major Infrastructure Improvements

Our infrastructure improvements focused on bringing LexBlog blogs better speed, security and stability. In particular:

  • Faster site load time for your visitors and search engines through code optimizations and a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) for improved load time of associated blog files like images.
  • Increased security against malicious traffic and vulnerabilities through automatic deflection of harmful site visitors and attack methods powered by a reputation-based network.
  • Added stability to keep your blog online through advanced mitigation of denial of service (DDoS and DoS) attacks.

To learn more about our new infrastructure technology partner, see this earlier Support Center article.


Inline Image Editing

You can now modify the alignment of images in the content editor without having to re-open the advanced media editor:

Learn more about this in our Advanced Posting: Images in Content Editor training resource.


Shared Computer/Remote Sign Out

To protect the security of your blog, you can now log out remotely of a previously started session in the blog back-end. Just navigate to your profile on another device and click the “Log Out of All Other Sessions” button:


Improved Distraction-free Writing Mode

Using distraction-free writing mode should now be a less confusing experience. After you navigate to distraction free mode:

You can type into the content editor without distraction:

When you need to navigate back to the full post editor, just move your mouse outside of the writing window or click the Distraction-free writing mode button.



Increased accessibility for users blogging via screen reader, including improved keyboard control, text contrast, and larger fonts in the post editor.


Additional Maintenance and Bug Fixes

Maintenance updates and browser bug fixes now allow for a more consistent experience editing images in the media library and post editor.



What do you think of this update? Let us know your comments or questions in a reply to this thread.

Your feedback is always welcome. Help influence a future platform update by commenting on existing ideas posted by other network members or post your own idea for us to review.

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