Plugin Requests and The LexBlog Platform

We're proud to offer LexBlog members a managed publishing platform for legal professionals that allows members to focus on the most important aspects of blogging: publishing quality information and developing relationships with professionals in their target audience.

The Software Powering The LexBlog Platform

The LexBlog Platform is powered by WordPress, but unlike a hosting company, we maintain and fully support not only the servers but the applications running on them.

There are more than 35,000 plugins in the public WordPress plugin directory, but we generally find it's best to develop our own purpose-built plugins with the options that our clients specifically need. More than half of the plugins we're using were built and are maintained by our team, with an emphasis on simplicity and WordPress development best practices.

As part of our process, we activate plugins, configure them for you, make sure they work as intended and that they continue to work in harmony with the rest of the software powering your site.

We use replicated testing environments, backup, restore, error monitoring and versioning tools for deploying functionality so that we keep your platform stable and performant. This is a major factor in how our uptime in the past year averages 99.98%.

Plugin Requests

Whenever we get a request for a specific plugin, we're always going to be looking at what the desired functionality and goals are first. There's a chance we already have the same or similar functionality of the plugin built into the platform. For example, one reason why we wouldn't add a site backup plugin is that we already manage those for you at the server level.

Another possibility is that we don't recommend the functionality or goal behind a plugin request. For example, we wouldn't add a plugin to support auto-sharing your blog posts to social media because we don't recommend doing that.

If we don't have similar functionality and we wouldn't recommend against it, requests for functionality are kept in our product backlog as ideas under consideration. Our product management team prioritizes the backlog and works to bring the highest priorities to our clients as part of the platform or an add-on product.

What You (as a Member) Should Do

The best way to help us prioritize a feature you're interested in is to share your idea right here in our community or like, comment on or follow an existing idea. Interest and feedback we get on these product ideas helps us understand what our clients need and prioritize accordingly.

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