About plugins on the LexBlog Platform

The LexBlog Platform is powered by WordPress. We maintain and support not only our servers, but the plugins and applications running on them. New plugins undergo a rigorous testing process before we install them.

Installed plugins on the LexBlog Platform

More than half our installed plugins were built and are maintained by our team. While there are more than 35,000 plugins in the public WordPress plugin directory, we find it's best to develop our own purpose-built plugins with the options that our clients specifically need.


Plugin development and testing

As part of our development process, we:

  • Write and activate plugins.
  • Test and configure them.
  • Make sure they work as intended.
  • Ensure they don't conflict with the rest of the software powering your site.

We use replicated testing environments, backups, restore points, error monitoring, and versioning tools for deploying plugins. These tools keep your site stable and efficient and contributed to a 99.98% uptime on our platform over the past year.


Plugin requests

You can request to install a plugin by suggesting a feature. When evaluating requests for new plugins, we consider:

  • The desired functionality.
  • Whether we already have similar functionality built into the platform.
  • Whether the end goal of the plugin goes against our blogging recommendations.
  • How many customers would like the plugin.
  • Potential security or network performance impacts.

We keep plugin requests in a product backlog as ideas under consideration. Our product management team prioritizes the backlog and addresses the highest priorities for our clients.

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