How do I allow advanced embeds?

Allowing advanced embed codes for Site Admins and Editors is an option on our Premier Managed Platform. To activate it on your Premier instance, please send your request to

This means that in addition to our easy oEmbed method, your Site Admins and Editors will be able to add embed codes using iframes or embed tags into your content, like this:

Embedding iframes is useful if you want to customize an embed, such as changing the size, removing unwanted features or branding or if the media site does not support oEmbeds.

However, since sites on Premier are secured with SSL, browsers will not display embedded content unless the site it comes from is also using HTTPS.

After our team has enabled advanced embeds, you can insert an advanced embed code onto posts or pages using the following steps:

1 - Copy the code from the third-party website

2 - Log in to your admin area as a Site Admin or Editor

3 - Paste the embed code into your post in the Text tab of the editor

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