How can an editor be notified when a post is ready for review or has been published?

Editors with sites on our Premier Managed Platform or Full Service and Boutique plans can configure the Pending Review Notifier feature to receive notifications about post statuses.

Pending Review Notifier sends email notifications to select editors when a user changes a post from Draft to Pending Review status, from Pending Review to Published, and in case a post needs to be unpublished, when a post moves from Published back to Pending Review. The email notification contains the post status, title, author name, and links to edit the post or change the notification settings for the site.

Getting Started

To start receiving notifications for a site, log in to the site and visit Users > Pending Review Notifier. 

This settings page lists all of the site’s users who are Editors or Site Admins. Select the box next to the name and email address of each user who should receive notifications, and click the Save button. Each editor may unsubscribe from these notices at any time by clicking a link to this page in the bottom of each notification, and deselecting their name and email address.

Status Workflow

To trigger notifications to the editors, the author of a post who has finished their draft needs to change the status of the post to Pending Review

To do so, navigate to the Publish box in the upper right, and next to Status: Draft click the Edit link. Out of the dropdown that appears, select Pending Review, click the OK button, and then click the Save as Pending button. 

When the post has been saved, the Publish box will show Status: Pending Review, and the notification will have been sent to the selected editors as well as the author of the post.

When the post has been reviewed and is ready to be published, simply click the Publish button. A notification that the post has been published will be sent to the editors and the author of the post.

Should the post need to be unpublished for additional editing, changing the status from Published back to Pending Review will send a notification to the editors and the author of the post.

Note that moving a post from Draft to Published or from Published back to Draft (skipping Pending Review status) does not send notifications to the editors.

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