Footnotes in Blog Posts for Citing Articles, Cases, Etc.

Keeping the goal of conversation in mind, proper blog citations are hyperlinks to the original source (and/or an online version of the original source) and/or the internet presence of the author of the original source (LinkedIn, Twitter, website, blog). In an actual spoken conversation, it is unlikely you would use a footnote. Instead, you would casually reference supporting material or other subject matter experts. "As so-and-so said", "I must disagree with so-and-so's analysis", etc.

If you are considering adding a "footnote" because you want to add some additional insight and commentary, remember that your blog post IS your insight and commentary, and it is very unlikely a blog reader will scroll down to the footnotes for further context.

For these reasons, footnote functionality is not something we currently support on the LexBlog Platform.

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