What makes a "successful" blog?

How you define "success" for your blog should be specific to you. When LexBlog looks at any blog - new or old - our success metrics are often tailored based on the business development and strategic goals of the blogging group. For example, "Our goal is to increase the visibility of our practice group and establish new connections with potential clients."

Our success questions are also driven by our three core beliefs:

  1. The best work for law professionals comes via relationships and word-of-mouth.
  2. Building online visibility is imperative for driving business development today.
  3. Authentic online engagement accelerates relationships and word-of-mouth.

The above beliefs drive us to look at networking and relationship driven opportunities through each blog and for each blogger. This comes from writing style, use of the blog after each entry is published (sharing posts personally to clients/potential clients by email in a "I wrote this and thought of you" kind of way), and commitment to best blogging practices to establish long-term readership. Readers could (potentially) come from search traffic as well as from those who received a personal recommendation to check out the blog.

Best practices are something we can help any blogger or blogging group with to help better establish readership.

Generally, though, we ask four success questions when evaluating a blog strategically:

  1. Is your reputation being enhanced?
  2. Is your network of relationships growing?
  3. Are you establishing yourself as a subject matter expert?
  4. Are you getting not just clients, but high quality clients?

You may notice that none of our above questions reference "number of site visits per month" or anything like that. This is because to us, we want to know more about what those numbers mean; who is visiting the blog is more important to us then when and how frequently.

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