Auto-post or Automatic Social Sharing of Blog

We do not recommend automatic sharing of your posts to social channels.

Automated sharing is seen as a bit inauthentic, as when your readers take a look at your blog, then view your LinkedIn page, it is going to be fairly obvious the content is the same/was automatically generated. We encourage blog publishers to avoid this automated approach which can come across as spammy and insincere. It can also turn social pages and profiles into the online equivalent of a billboard/advertising destination, rather than demonstrating authentic insight and communication. And, continually posting your own content without sharing that of others on any social channel makes your online presence appear self-serving, as opposed to a more to a more connected, collaborative look and feel that tends to foster more positive online connections and opportunities for engagement.

Instead of automatic publishing, we recommend:

  • For LinkedIn, summarize the post in a short paragraph or two, or even a couple sentences. Consider pulling out the "hook" or value proposition you offer in the post.
  • For Twitter, shorten this "hook" to around 100 characters.
  • Strategically share posts to colleagues and connections that you think will have a specific interest with a short note. This helps further personal connections, which can often be more valuable and successful than casting a wider net.
  • Use the share buttons under each post to share on your channels, but customize the text (see one and two, above, for LinkedIn and Twitter)

If you absolutely feel you cannot spare the extra few minutes to manually push out social shares, there are a few tools that offer varying levels of automated publishing. LexBlog does not provide any technical support for these tools, but we encourage you find one that works well for your strategy:

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