22 Blog Post Ideas (Writing Prompts) for Inspiration (to Reuse and Generate New Content)

Whether you are just starting out and looking for some early post ideas or experiencing writer’s block after years of publishing your blog, we all have moments where we need a little blog post inspiration.

We also find this list is good to reference when you are looking to add variety to your content or challenge yourself with a new approach.

1 - Repurpose What You’ve Already Written or Done

Remember, you already have a wealth of content around you. To save you time and effort creating your post:

  • Answer a client question you frequently get (look through your email for what you’ve already written to answer the question, take out the client specifics, and post)
  • Write about a conference you recently attended; share takeaways and photos
  • Write about a conference or event you will be attending or speaking at
  • Share slides and a summary of a recent presentation (hint: the LexBlog platform can help you embed slides you post to SlideShare)
  • Write about something you or your firm recently did in the community, particularly if your blog is geographically focused
  • Do a round-up post where you gather all the "best" posts you’ve written on a particular subject your audience cares about

2 - Tackle What You Know With “Evergreen” Content

“Evergreen" content is content that remains relevant over time. This type of content is not specifically focused around a piece of news or trend. Instead, “evergreen” content covers a question or subject that often comes up about which people are regularly seeking information. Here are some specific “evergreen” post writing prompts:

  • De-bunk a common myth about your client's industry and/or the law related to it
  • Teach someone how to do something (like "how to find a good attorney" or "how to file for bankruptcy in ___ state")
  • Think about something all clients and potential clients should know about (the thing you wish they knew BEFORE they called you or needed you)
  • Create a definition post that you can use as a resource down the road
  • Write a post that explains to clients what you do on a daily basis

3 - Provide Your Take on the News, Law, or Other Commentary

Use your feeds or other means to “listen” to existing articles and respond through your blog. Remember, for this, no need to include a detailed recap of the news or other content as you can direct readers to the source with a link.

  • Comment on another blogger’s post through one of your own
  • Comment on a news event
  • Comment on a recent case and its takeaways for your audience
  • Report on a recent development in your field with link(s) to the story. Explain exactly what it means to your audience - impact, actions they should take, etc.
  • Take a strong stand on an issue highlighted in the news or another source
  • Do a round-up post where you gather all the "best" posts others have written on a particular subject your audience cares about

4 - Other Prompts

If you’re still feeling stumped, consider these additional blog post writing prompts:

  • Invite a guest (colleague or professional in your client's industry) to post
  • Interview someone else (you can then draft a post with Q&A like this example from Ron Urbach’s Madison Ave Insights or provide more of a summary based on your interview like this example by Rich Beem)
  • Share something humorous and related to law
  • Write about something completely unrelated to the law that lets readers get an idea of who you are as a person
  • Make a list, for example:
    • tips
    • trends to watch
    • books/articles to read
    • overview of events in your field
    • things to avoid
    • ideas to try
    • common mistakes
    • a how to

That's our list, but what other prompts do you use or suggest?

Image cropped. Original by Fredrik Rubensson via Flickr Creative Commons.

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