The Celebration Issue: Reflecting on 2015, Looking Ahead to 2016 (Spark: LexBlog Member Newsletter, December 2015)

Presents Under the Premier “Tree”

As mentioned in last month's Spark, we are actively listening to member ideas posted in the community. One such idea is launching this week: The Pending Review Notifier. This feature allows editors to receive an email notification any time an author drafts a post and saves as "Pending Review" in the platform.

More information to come this week. Plus, this feature will be available with some new product offerings (beyond Premier) in 2016.

November Blog of the Month: CommLawBlog®

As adept as anyone out there at covering communications law, the team at Fletcher Heald & Hildreth branches into other interesting areas as well, (e.g. great drones coverage lately). Read more about their success.

“2016 Trend Predictions” Webinar Replay Available

Yesterday, we outlined our predictions for 2016. From how you craft your content to platform technology, we’ve got you covered so you’re ready January 1. In case you missed the event, the replay and slides are now available.

Is the term “blog” too dated? Should we replace it?

The 90s gave birth to the term “blog.” The 2000s gave birth to legal blogging across our network and beyond. Times have changed - has our terminology? Do lawyers still “blog?” Dive in to thoughts and discussion lead by our founder and CEO Kevin O’Keefe.

3 Qs for Blogging Success Before Year-End

Less than 357 hours remain in 2015, and we recommend dedicating at least 0.10 of an hour of those to plan for next year. Need a starting point? Reflect on these three questions to lay the foundation for blogging success in 2016.

Google Analytics Filters: Trending Discussion

As more time passes, more ghost referrers and spammers join the internet fold. At the same time, more publishers are refining analytics views. Learn more about unwanted traffic and how to filter your Google Analytics so the data helps you most.

Now Trending on LXBN: 2016 & The Law

We're not the only ones looking ahead. Network members are speculating about what to expect in the law in 2016. Read the latest curated commentary on what's ahead in both law firm management and specific jurisdictional areas.

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