Browser Versions Support - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

As technologies for building websites rapidly evolve, browser versions built years ago are not able to render websites using modern development techniques as designed or at all.

LexBlog develops using the latest in web standards. We test and support our work in these browsers:

Front-End & Publishing Platform Back-End

  • Internet Explorer 8-10 (compatibility mode can cause functional or design inconsistencies)
  • Chrome (current version)
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Safari for Mac (current version)

In addition, the mobile version and responsive design sites support:

  • Safari iOS 6+
  • Android 4+ browser

Our work will typically function in other browsers as well, but these are the ones we test and support for functionality and design consistency. However, the web is not pixel perfect, so expect minor visual differences on your site in different browsers, especially with responsive design.

LexBlog Premier Managed Platform

We test and support Premier-level blogs in the same browsers listed above.

Premier Note: Older, non-supported versions of the browsers above may display a connection or certificate warning to visitors due to older browsers’ incompatibility with modern technology powering SSL.

Support Center

  • Chrome (current version)
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Safari (current version)
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Internet Explorer 8 (some design inconsistencies)
  • Safari iOS 7+ 
  • Android 4+ browser 

Our Recommended Browser for You

If you are able to choose your browser at work, most folks at LexBlog use and highly recommend Google Chrome. You can find the latest version of all modern browsers at

NOTE: If you're not sure what browser or version you're using, visit

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