Prevent subscribers from getting email with accidentally-published post

Within a few minutes (sometimes a few seconds) of publishing a blog post, your RSS feed is updated with the new blog information. Emails are sent based on information in the RSS feed.

In cases where a post is published by accident and/or needs further edits it is important to check your feed to ensure it is showing current information. "Unpublishing" a post does not guarantee the feed will remove the content.

The following are the steps you should take if you run into this issue:

1 - Remove the post in the blog platform by setting the status to "draft" (you can do this in the individual post editor or using quick edit from the list of posts)

2 - After about five minutes, visit the blog's RSS page (just add "/feed" after the ".com" of your blog URL). To be sure you are seeing the latest (sometimes your browser can show you an older version of the page), make sure to "hard refresh" this page (click CTRL+R or the refresh button in your browser).

3 - If you still do not see the change reflected in the feed, contact our Success Team.

A few important notes to keep in mind:

  • Emails are triggered by RSS, so it's important to make sure the RSS updates are complete at least four hours prior to the send window for emails. (Only sometimes you may get lucky in less than four hours.)
  • If a subscriber email has already been sent with the post, the above steps will NOT send a new email. New emails are triggered by truly "new" posts and/or a change to the post URL.
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