Troubleshoot missed email campaigns

MailChimp employs a number of technologies to ensure high deliverability rates. When a reader does not receive a MailChimp campaign, there can be a number of causes. (If all readers at your own firm cannot receive campaigns, your IT team may need to address spoofing problems.) This article explains how to troubleshoot missed email notifications.


Before you start

You'll need a user account for you site.



  1. Check your subscriber list to verify that the reader is subscribed to the blog. If their email address does not appear in the subscriber list, ask the reader to subscribe.
  2. Verify that the email campaign was sent as expected. If a campaign did not send at the scheduled time, contact LexBlog.
  3. If a subscriber did not receive a notification sent at the scheduled time, have the reader check their spam folder or other folders for the notification. For example, some Gmail subscribers may find the message in their Promotions or Social folder.
  4. If your firm manages your own MailChimp account, check for any bounce reasons.
  5. Have the reader add the campaign send from address to their contact list.
  6. If all readers from a domain (e.g., cannot receive campaigns, ask them to contact their IT team or email provider. They may need to whitelist MailChimp's IP addresses or adjust their filtering settings. Sending them a plain text version of a campaign you received may help them fix the issue.
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