Platform Upgrade: Search results for author name now live on all blogs

This week we launched a blog search update for all blogs on The LexBlog Platform based on your feedback.

Now blog search queries for an author’s name will return results even if the author’s name is only visible in the post byline. This search update also applies to posts attributed to multiple authors.

Previously, search results would only display posts and pages if the title or content contained the author's name. If the author’s name was only in the post byline, the post would not display in search results.

We prioritized this update because:

  1. It was one of our top client ideas in the Support Center community
  2. This update provides a better user experience for your blog readers
  3. Blog teams will better be able to find author content even for multi-author posts

You can see this update in action in this search for "Audrea Fink" on LexBlog's Please Advise:

Importantly, there are a couple of limitations:

  1. If a user has been removed from the blog (for example, because s/he is no longer an employee) but his/her name still appears in the byline of posts, searching his/her name will not bring up those posts unless his/her user account is added back to the blog.
  2. If an author's display name contains a middle initial, searching his/her first name and last name together (without the middle initial) will not return his/her posts. However, a search containing just the author's first name, just the author’s last name or the author's full name (including the middle initial) will return the associated posts.

What do you think of this upgrade? Let us know your comments or questions in a reply to this thread.

Your feedback is always welcome. Help influence a future platform update by commenting on existing ideas posted by other network members or post your own idea for us to review.

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