Promotion of Blog After Launch

After your blog launches, we recommend you spread the word by telling as many people in your existing network about the blog, what they will expect/get out of your content, and the ways in which they can stay alerted to updates you share on the blog.

Here are a few ideas from our team on this subject:

1 - Reach out to all of your existing contacts (by email, LinkedIn, etc.) and provide information about the blog. Encourage them to subscribe.

2 - Tell everyone, everywhere you go, about your blog (face-to-face).

3 - Each time you publish a new post, follow-up by directly messaging (by email) the people you have referenced in the post (if applicable).

4 - After you publish a new post, send the post to five specific people with an individual note - let them know that you thought of them when you wrote it, that something in the post is related to something you've discussed in the past, or whatever is applicable to the individuals you are sending the post to.

5 - Share posts (as you write them) across your other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Consider getting more targeted by sharing your posts with specific, relevant LinkedIn Groups and other niche audiences.

6 - Make sure you have a prominent link to your blog on other social profiles like LinkedIn as well as in your email signature.

Importantly, telling people about your blog shouldn't only happen when you launch - every time you connect with someone new is an opportunity to share the blog.

Those are our ideas - what are yours?

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