Ideal Image Size for Posts

Images are a great way to be perceived as a professional publisher and break up content on behalf of your readers. Posts with images are more likely to be read and shared across multiple platforms where your content is showcased - including through services like Flipboard.

The right size image depends largely on the image itself and where your content will be seen. Leading content publishers today often showcase a full width image at the beginning of content, while others have images throughout content left- or right-aligned, therefore, smaller than full width.

A member of our success team can help you calculate the exact pixel width of your blog post area to determine what the maximum image width is, but typically this area is between 600 and 650 pixels wide.

When sourcing, purchasing, and/or downloading the image from the photo service, check the sizes to make sure you don't unnecessarily download too large an image (e.g. larger than 800 pixels wide).

Your LexBlog blog platform is equipped with built-in tools to scale down an image, so if you are looking for the most flexibility before adding the image to your site, get an image around 700 pixels wide. That will ensure you can have the image at full width or smaller.

For help placing images in your blog post, see our image training videos. There is one on the first, easier method: using the "Featured" Image, and one on the second, more particular method that allows you the most flexibility.

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