Revisiting Legal Blogging Basics: A Best Practices Refresher (Webinar Recap)

Kudos to John McCallum, Audrea Fink, and Chloe Nichols for their work to bring us this month's members-only webinar.

In case you missed it, details, recording, and slide information below.

Webinar Description
Thinking back to when you first started your blog, what do you remember most? Was it the feeling you got after completing your first draft post? The delight you felt seeing a design you loved? Something else?

Chances are you remember a few things from your early blogging days. We want to make sure you remember the important best practice tactics, too.

In this member webinar, we cover the best practices that give a strong foundation to any legal blog. Whether you've been blogging for five days or five years, these tips will help you structure your content in a way that stands out in an increasingly crowded online publishing space.

We recommend this webinar for legal blog authors.

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