The Fright Issue: "Do"s and "Don't"s for Better Law Blogging (Spark: LexBlog Member Newsletter, October 2015)

DO:  Write Blog Posts, not Articles

Is your blog team too spooked to truly embrace the blogging medium, instead posting articles on your blog site? Take a read through these five key traits to successful legal blog posts and leave your frights behind. Read on.

DO:  Read the Blog of the Month: Green Building Law

Stuart Kaplow, who calls his blog "an embarrassing success" at bringing in work, sets an example for covering a niche. He keeps those who operate in the industry apprised of all things green building. Read more here.

DON'T:  Get Fooled by a Blog Competition Solicitation

Have unexpected trick-or-treaters been knocking at your blog door? Here's how to spot suspicious requests and where to invest your energy so you are recognized in legitimate ways. Read here.

DON'T:  Solve Problems with the Same, Causal Thinking

As you work to build a strategic, independent publication via your law blog(s) to build business and grow your reputation, don't let the goals of your law firm website muddy your efforts. Kevin O'Keefe's thoughts on the subject here.

DO:  Join Us October 28 (Next Members-Only Webinar)

Next week, we share a fun break-down of the elements behind the ideal blog post in our Anatomy of a "Perfect" Blog Post webinar. Learn about ideal posts from head to toe (get it?), just in time for All Hallows' Eve. Info and registration here.

DO:  Learn the Blog Tactics that Lead to More Business

Next month, Kevin and Colin O'Keefe will offer law blog guidance for those ultimately looking to build business through their law blog. This open, free webinar will be well worth your time, especially as you plan your 2016 blog strategy. Info and registration here.

DO:  Get Caught Up on US-EU Safe Harbor on LXBN

Endorsed by the European Commission fifteen years ago, Safe Harbor is a framework allowing for the transfer of personal data from the EU to enterprises in the US that adhere to the EU's principles. Read the latest, curated legal commentary here.

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