How do I make my blog temporarily unavailable?

To take a blog temporarily offline, please contact us at

However, if you are a Site Admin on a Premier Managed Platform blog, then you are able to restrict access yourself in minutes:

1 - Navigate to Settings > Reading in the admin area of the blog you want to restrict access to.  If you're having trouble logging in, this article will help: Reset your password.

2 - In the Site Visibility section, select Restrict site access to visitors who are logged in or allowed by IP address

3 - In the Handle restricted visitors section, choose from the following options:

  • Send them to the login screen: Redirects any visitor who is not already logged in to the login page.
  • Redirect them to a specified web address: Send any visitor to a URL of your choice, entered in the Redirect web address field. Select 307 Temporary as the Redirection status code
  • Show them a simple message: Shows any user who isn’t logged in a custom message rather than the actual blog content. Enter your message in the Restriction message textarea.
  • Show them a specific WordPress page I've created: Redirects any visitor who is not already logged in to a page on the blog selected in the Restricted notice page dropdown.

4 - Finally, to prevent visitors from your office from being affected by the above settings, enter your IP address or IP range in the Unrestricted IP addresses field

5 - Click the Save Changes button to activate the settings you selected

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