Make your blog temporarily unavailable

You may temporarily restrict access to your site. If your site is hosted on our Premier Managed Platform, the Administrator at your firm may do so by completing the steps below. For all other blogs, please contact


Before your start

You'll need a user account with an Administrator role.



  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Reading.
  3. In the Site Visibility section, select Restrict site access to visitors who are logged in or allowed by IP address.
  4. Choose one of these options in Handle restricted visitors:

    • Send them to the WordPress login screen: Redirects any visitor who is not already logged in to the login page.
    • Redirect them to a specified web address: Send any visitor to a URL of your choice, entered in the Redirect web address field. Select 307 Temporary as the Redirection status code.
    • Show them a simple message: Shows a custom message to any user who isn’t logged in. Enter your message in the Restriction message.
    • Show them a specific WordPress page I've created: Redirects any visitor who is not already logged in to a page on the blog. Select the page in the Restricted notice page dropdown.

  5. To allow access to the site by visitors from specific IP addresses, enter your IP address or IP range in the Unrestricted IP addresses.
  6. Click Save Changes.
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