Using Your Blog's Support Center

For every site on the LexBlog Platform and Premier Managed Platform there are several components in the administrative (backend) area that can aid in your content management efforts. In this article, we'll walk you through where these features are and how to use them:


The first thing you see when you log in, the Dashboard provides you with a global view of the LexBlog Network as well as an introduction to the platform. This page also includes a form that allows you to search all of the content that LexBlog has created to aid you in your blogging efforts. We've touched up this search form to be more responsive and helpful in how it returns results from our knowledge base of content, and you'll see that as you type in your search, the results update dynamically.

As you can see in the example above, you can also filter results by the Knowledge Base categories - helping you find the content that you need quickly.

Post Editor

The screen that you (most likely) use the most - it only makes sense that we'd include something here! Like the Dashboard, the Post Editor includes a search form, located in the upper right corner. Allowing you to search for help content as you write.

Support Center

Last but not least, the admin Support Center is your blog's command and control center for finding knowledge base content, communicating with LexBlog's Customer Success team, and reviewing your open requests.


You can access this page by clicking on the new "LexBlog" menu item in the primary navigation of your sidebar in the backend of your blog:

Or, if you're on the front end while logged into the platform, you have direct access to this page through the "Help" link in the toolbar:

Of course, by this point you're likely familiar with the search form, but as an added bonus we've added a few links to areas in the separately hosted help center where all of the knowledge base and community content resides. 

This page is also home to a form to submit a ticket directly to a member of the Success Team who can assist with your request. Here you can choose what sort of issue you're having, add a brief subject line and detailed description, and upload any related files or screenshots (most image formats are supported as well as a variety of Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, etc. - file types). When you hit "Submit Ticket" you'll get some immediate feedback (a success message if it went through or a failure message if some part of the submission process failed) and if all is well, a link to the ticket here in the help center. Here - watch it in action

Regardless of whether or not you have any open tickets with us, you should notice a section labeled "Your Tickets" when you enter the Support Center. This table includes all of your New, Open, or Pending tickets with our Success Team - along with a link to view all of your submitted tickets in the help center. If you don't have any ongoing tickets with our team, you'll just see the link. Here's how it appears if you do have new or pending tickets with our Customer Success team:

As noted previously, if you submit a request via the form on this page, you will open a ticket for our team to work on and you can either check on the progress here, in the Support Center, and follow up with our team by clicking the link in the "Title" column which will take you to the help center where you can respond, or you can respond via email as those notices will still come to your inbox directly. 

The statuses you see there are somewhat important as they can give you a hint as to where the ticket is in our team's queue - or if we're ready to hear back from you:

  • New - Your request is in our system, but has not been assigned
  • Open - Your request has been assigned and is being reviewed 
  • Pending - Our team is waiting to hear back from you

In Conclusion

We hope that these new additions help you as you work on our platform. We'll be paying close attention to how everything is used and quickly fixing issues as they arise, but if you have an idea for an additional support feature or component, don't hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section here! 

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