Google Discontinued OAuth 1.0 Support on 4/20/15

It recently came to our attention that Google is removing support for a version of a service known as OAuth - specifically version 1.0. This tool had allowed active features on our blogs to communicate with Google services to display information to readers and blog administrators.

Specifically, the following features are impacted by this news:

    • Most Popular Posts (aka “Most Read” or “Trending” Posts)


  • Google Analytics Dashboard Widget

Unfortunately, third-party alternatives to these features have proven to be unreliable and unsafe. Oftentimes, functionality of this sort can cause serious performance issues due to the modifications it makes to the blog platform. In extreme cases, this can cause platform instability and outages.

That being said, our team continues to be interested in building technology that meets your needs, while being safe and performant. To that end, if you are interested in the "Most Popular Posts" feature, please show your support by visiting this thread and clicking the "Like" button.

If instead, you are interested in a replacement for the "Google Analytics Dashboard Widget," please visit this Idea thread and show your support there.

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