Add a post without sending an email campaign

MailChimp sends email campaigns to subscribers after seeing changes in your feed. If you want to add a post without triggering an email, you must set the post publication date before the earliest item displayed on your feed page. Note that items published with an earlier date may not appear on your homepage. This article explains how to publish a post without sending an email notification.


Before you start



  1. Navigate to your feed page at
  2. Scroll down to the earliest item in the feed. Make note of the publication date. For sites using an XML feed, the date is between the <pubDate> </pubDate> tags.
  3. In your site administration area, navigate to Posts > All Posts. Add a new post or edit an existing post.
  4. Change the publish date to before the earliest item on your feed page.
  5. Publish your post.
  6. Head back to your feed page and make sure your new post doesn't appear there. If the new post is listed, edit the post and choose an earlier publication date.


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