Design Changes Available with Subsequent Blog Pricing

If you are starting an additional blog with LexBlog, we can provide you with a brand new design at current new design list price.

Alternatively, you may take advantage of our subsequent blog discount by repurposing your first design with the following available changes:

1 - Accent Colors

We can adjust the accent color on your subsequent blog so it is different from your original design. The accent color affects the typography and in some cases includes an update to some background colors.

2 - Header and Footer Background Images

We will design a new header and (if applicable) footer graphics within the same size and layout of your original design.

For example, if your original blog focused on labor and employment and the header contained an image of employees in the workplace, your subsequent blog with an intellectual property focus would be updated with a different image, such as design schematics.

To see this in practice, compare Sheppard Mullin's Labor & Employment Law Blog:

To their Intellectual Property Law Blog:

3 - Sidebar and Footer Sections

Your new blog may show different standard sidebar and footer sections ("widgets") than the original blog design. You may add, remove and/or change the order of our standard widgets within your design.

For example, you might choose to have an additional text widget describing your practice group in the footer of your subsequent blog that doesn't appear in your original blog footer.

Our standard widgets are:

  • Blog search form
  • Stay Connected section
  • Text widgets for About sections
  • List of Topics
  • Archives select drop-down
  • Links sections for linking to external websites
  • Recent Updates list linking to the five most recent posts

Premium add-on sidebar widgets are not included from blog to blog with subsequent pricing.

Additional Updates

Your subsequent blog may also include updates to our latest platform technology such as our email notification system or current share buttons.

If you are interested in additional changes than outlined above, your new blog will not qualify for the subsequent blog discount and instead will go through our full creative process.

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