About user roles

User roles determine which tasks a blog user can complete. Below are the user roles and associated permissions for Lexblog WordPress platforms:


Posts and pages Editor  Author  Contributor 
Publish your own posts Y Y N
Draft and edit your own posts Y Y Y
Draft and edit another user's posts Y N N
Add another author to your post Y N N
Add new categories and tags Y N N
Add images to a post Y Y N
View a list of all posts Y Y N
Edit pages Y N N
Site management Editor Author Contributor
Edit physical addresses Y N N
Edit sidebar links Y N N
User management Editor Author Contributor
Add a user Y N N
Edit your own profile Y Y Y
Edit another user's profile Y N N
Email campaigns  Editor Author Contributor
View and download email subscriber lists  Y Y Y
View sent campaigns Y Y Y
Blog comments Editor Author Contributor
Moderate comments Y N N


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