FAQ: Email campaigns

As part of your blog package, LexBlog sets up a MailChimp email campaign. MailChimp sends out a campaign at a set time either once a day or once a week when there is a new post.

Here are some frequently asked questions about MailChimp campaigns:


Why MailChimp?

  • MailChimp uses dedicated servers and IP addresses with inbox acceptance rates up to 99%.
  • You may view your campaign subscribers and statistics in your blog backend.
  • MailChimp offers advanced troubleshooting capabilities that LexBlog can access when needed.


How does MailChimp work?

Up to four hours before the scheduled send time, MailChimp scans your blog's RSS feed, http://www.yourblog.com/feed/, for new content. When it sees a new post on the feed page, it triggers a new campaign at the scheduled send time.


How far ahead of the scheduled send time should I publish a post?

Publish your post at least 4 hours before the send time.


What if I publish a post after the scheduled sent time?

MailChimp will send out a campaign on the next scheduled day and time.


When is the best time to schedule email campaigns?

Between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. in your reader's local time. Campaigns sent once a week have higher open rates than campaigns sent daily.


How do I change the scheduled send time for campaigns?

Contact LexBlog to change the scheduled campaign time. Note that the scheduled send time cannot be changed for a single post.



I just launched my blog. When will the first email notification go out?

An email will go out after you publish a new post after the blog launches.


I have a list of people I want to receive my email notifications. Can you upload them for me?

No. To prevent spam reports, MailChimp requires readers to sign up through a double opt-in process. We can provide you a sign-up link to send to potential readers. Readers must fill out the form, then respond to a confirmation message sent to their email.


Can I send out an email before my scheduled email send time?

Emails only go out at the scheduled send time. If you have breaking news, we recommend using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to share the post. See our Community post here.


I want to make a small change to my post. Will that edit send an email notification to my subscribers?

If a post isn't listed in your feed page, you can make changes without triggering a new campaign.

If a post is listed in your feed page, you can edit the body content, or permalink without triggering an extra email notification. Changing the title, publish date, or time will trigger a new email at the next scheduled send time.


I am migrating my blog to the LexBlog network and my blog already has a list of subscribers. Can you upload them to MailChimp?

We can add the list of existing email subscribers to your new blog if your current service requires a double opt-in subscribe method and cleans bounced emails from the list.

Otherwise we must run the list through an email validation service. Invalid email addresses will be removed and you may see a decrease in subscribers. Our team can provide a list of removed emails for your records.

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