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Blogs on our Legacy and Full Service product plans may output author page content using shortcode. The lxb_dga_users shortcode quickly generates a list of authors on a page. This document explains the lxb_dga_users arguments that tweak the output.


Arguments tell the shortcode which authors to display and the what profile information to display for each. Several arguments can be placed within the brackets surrounding the shortcode to perform functions like filtering or sorting a list of authors:

[lxb_dga_users include='10,20,40,50' min_posts='10']

The sample above displays five authors (listed by user ID) as long as they have published more than 10 posts.

Common arguments

Display a user photo at the specified pixel size.

Exclude specific users from the output by adding their user ID within the quotes. Cannot be used with the include argument.

Hide unpublished authors on the page. Set value to 0 to display unpublished authors.

Includes specific user IDs in the output. Cannot be used with the exclude argument.

Displays a link to the author's archive page.

Displays a link to the user's email address.

Displays the office location set in the user profile.

Determines if the author's website opens in a new tab. Set value to 0 to open the website in the current tab.

link_to_website_label='Read ###display_name###'s biography'
Displays a link to the website specified in the user profile. You can edit the text between the quotes.

Includes users who have authored the specified number of posts.

Controls the number of columns on a page.

Controls the author sorting order on the page. Valid arguments are:

  • orderby='last_name': Sort users by last name
  • orderby='as_input': Sort by user ID order specified in the include= argument.
  • orderby='post_count': Sorts authors by the number of posts.

Controls whether or not the bio text wraps around the user photo.

  • style_group='full_bio': Displays user bio underneath the user photo.
  • style_group='stacked_paragraphs': Wraps user bio text around the user photo.
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