Platform Updates for August 2016

We've been hard at work this summer preparing new features and enhancements for the LexBlog Platform. Many of these updates were inspired by the ideas shared in our member community, product surveys and with members of our team. We look forward to your continued feedback to help us prioritize our product development efforts.

Some updates are available to everyone on the LexBlog Platform while others are available if your site is on one of our product plans or your sites are on Premier Managed Platform. We've organized them into sections below:

Available Everywhere on the LexBlog Platform

Log In With Your Account Email Address

We know it can be hard to remember your login information for all of the software you use. Now you can log in with the email address associated with your account if you have a hard time remembering your username.

Create and Edit Links Faster in the Post Editor

In-line link editing helps you hyperlink content quickly and easily. Just highlight the text you would like to hyperlink, and hit control + k to load the in-line link editor field. Here you can link content from your site or others by entering the URL into the field or searching for content from your site as demonstrated below:


To edit a pre-existing link, click the underlined link in the post editor, click the pencil icon and edit the URL within the field. 

My Sites Ordered Alphabetically

We've updated this feature to provide you with an intuitive, organized and quick way to manage and access multiple sites. Just hover over the My Sites tab in your toolbar for an alphabetical list of your sites.


Or click My Sites in the left navigation menu or toolbar to view an alphabetical list of your sites on one page. Click the Visit link to go to a site's homepage or the Dashboard link to reach a site's admin area.

Available on the Professional, Boutique and Full Service Plans

Fully Responsive Images

With responsive images, pictures you upload to your posts automatically adapt to fit a reader's device. Plus image sizes generated by the platform are compressed without compromising quality, loading up to 50 percent faster.

Embed Your Posts in Other Content

Now you can embed your posts into other posts or pages simply by pasting a post URL into the Post Editor. The URL will be automatically converted into a card-style preview of the post showing its title and excerpt. You can use this to easily create a visually grabbing preview of related content.

Add Tables to Your Content with the Table Editor

By popular demand, now you can add a table to your post right from the your Professional, Boutique or Full Service plan blog rather than embedding table source code.

To insert a table in your post, visit the Post Editor and click on the table icon as shown below. To choose the size of your table, hover over the cells and select the number of columns and rows you need.


Once you've chosen your dimensions, you're all set. You can expand or collapse the table to adjust its size and add content to cells by clicking on them and typing.

Available on the Full Service Plan 

Improve Your Posts with Content Analysis

We've added realtime writing feedback to the Post Editor to help you draft search engine and people friendly blog content. The feature measures a post's readability by scanning sentence and paragraph length, number and distribution of subheadings, use of passive voice, number of transition words and by calculating the Flesch reading ease score. Red and orange indicators will note areas where readability could be improved while green indicators let you know your writing is easy to understand!

Show or Hide Sidebar Content on Specific Pages

You can now choose whether you would like to show or hide your sidebar content on certain pages of your blog. For example, you may want to display some sidebar content only next to blog posts or add some additional content in the sidebar of your About page.

Available on Premier Managed Platform

Protect Your Account with Two-Factor Authentication

If your username and password were ever stolen or guessed, someone else could access your site and harm your reputation by publishing or modifying content. With two-factor authentication enabled, logging in to your site requires the username and password you know plus something only you have: a time-based one-time password generated by a free app like Authy, Duo or Google Authenticator on your smartphone. Follow these simple steps to set it up, and if you haven't already, protect yourself by enabling it on your other online accounts that offer two-factor authentication.

View Contact Form Submissions in Your Admin Area

We've made it easier for you to find and save your site's contact form submissions going forward. In addition to being sent to the designated email address(es), your contact form submissions will be saved to your admin area under the Contact > Submissions menu, where you can choose to save or delete them.

Add Existing Users Without Restrictions

We've made it easier to add existing users on your Premier install: You no longer need to be a user on the site(s) where another user already exists. For example, if you're an Editor or Administrator on site A and want to add a user from site B, you don't also have to be a user from site B.


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