Customizing Widget Display


On our full service product plan you can customize widgets to only display on selected pages.  You can also customize widgets to only display to logged-in or logged-out users.

Only users with the administrator access level are able to use this feature.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss upgrading your user access.


A widget is a piece of content and/or functionality that is separate from your blog posts.  For example, "About" text or a list of links would both be powered by a widget.  Please contact us if you have questions about what counts as a "widget" to be potentially selectively shown or hidden on your blog.


Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.

Appearance > Widgets Menu

Locate the widget you'd like to selectively show or hide.

Use the dropdown arrow to the right of the widget to open its options.  Scroll near the bottom of options to see selective display and hide options.

You can show this widget only to logged-in or logged-out users.

You can can do the same on specific pages.

You can show or hide this widget depending on the post category.

You can even selectively display or hide a widget based on page taxonomy or post ID.



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