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Every blog comes standard with a Stay Connected section that includes an RSS icon. The icon will lead to a raw xml feed of all the content on your blog.

The RSS feed provides an alternative method for your readers to receive notifications each time a new post is added to your blog. This article will review the steps to subscribe to a feed.

You Will Need

  • The URL of the blog feed (e.g.
  • An RSS Reader account (e.g. Feedly, Feedbin, Newsblur)

*The following steps use Feedly as the example. The basic concept would apply to other readers as well.

1) Click on the RSS icon of a blog you want to subscribe to

2) Copy the url of the raw xml page

3) Paste the url into the Search box of your RSS reader

4) Click on the +Feedly icon to add the feed to your lists. 

  • Most RSS Readers will allow you to categorize feeds you are subscribed to so that you can view the content in an organized way.

Further Resources

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