About the Premier Managed Platform

Premier Managed Platform secures your blogs with SSL and an independent instance of the LexBlog Platform. It also comes with our uptime SLA. Premier is inspired by feedback from members here in the community as well as trends in the technology industry.

Premier is an independent, customized instance of the LexBlog Platform with enhanced security, stability, speed and scale. The benefits include:


Additional security layers

  • Blogs on Premier Managed Platform will be secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the industry standard technology for encrypting connections between web servers and browsers. This means that visitors' interactions with blogs will be safe from monitoring and tampering. Sites using HTTPS are ranked higher by Google and are perceived as trustworthy by readers.
  • Administrators can enforce periodic password resets for site users to keep passwords fresh and unique.
  • Support for two-factor authentication (2FA). which requires two means of identification to log in.
  • Premier Blogs are separated from the standard, shared LexBlog environment to protect them from being impacted by other member sites.


Guaranteed stability

  • Blogs will be backed by our SLA, with credits available should more than 0.05% unscheduled downtime occur in 30 days.
  • Premier instances receive priority updates and early access to new platform features.
  • Superior backup and recovery capabilities.


Top speed for users and readers

  • Blog authors enjoy an even faster experience when logged in to their Premier installation.
  • Our globally load-balanced CDN (content delivery network) and layered caching are even more effective in Premier, delivering content up to 25 percent faster.


Customization and scale

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