Manage users across all sites on Premier Managed Platform


Administrators on Premier Managed Platform may manage all users globally from the network level. Administrators may add, delete, or edit users, and reassign their content to other authors.

 Before you start

You'll need a user account with an Administrator role on your network level.


Access the network level

  1. Log in to any site on your Premier Managed Platform:
  2. In the My Sites toolbar menu, click the site name containing Network Dashboard. You may need to log in once more.
  3. In the left admin menu, hover over Users, and click Network User Management.

 Add a new user

  1. Click Add User at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the user information, select a role, and the blogs you’d like them to access. Note:
    • All fields are required.
    • Usernames cannot contain spaces or special characters.
    • You cannot add a user that has the same username and/or email as an existing user.
    • You may generate a user password, or the user may use the password reset feature to create their own.
  3. Click Create.

Edit a user

  1. From the Network User Management screen, click a user to edit.
  2. Edit first name, last name, email address, display name, website URL, generate a new password, or select which blogs the user should access. Note:
    • If you decide to remove an author from a site, by default the user’s posts will remain attributed to that user on the blog, but the author will no longer be have any access to the site nor will they be listed in the site's user list.
    • If you add an existing user to a new blog or multiple blogs, their role will be the same as the highest role they currently have on any blogs.
  3. Click Update.

Delete a user

From the Network User Management page, hover your mouse over a username. Two options appear:

  • Deactivate: Immediately deletes the user, but keeps content attributed to them. Note: you will not be asked to confirm this action.
  • Reassign/Delete: Takes you to a new screen where you are prompted to delete the user’s content or re-attribute it to another author. Click Confirm Deletion.
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