Fix image rotation on iOS devices


When taking a photo with an Apple iOS device, the orientation of the photo is recorded in EXIF data. When a reader opens a WordPress blog post with an iOS device, the device displays the photo with the original orientation specified in the EXIF data, even if you changed the photo orientation when uploading the photo to the blog post. This is an issue with iOS software, not WordPress.

This article explains how to fix the photo orientation for readers using iOS devices

Before you start

You'll need a desktop or laptop computer.


  1. Download the affected photos to a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. On the laptop or desktop computer, open the photo with a photo editor or viewer.
  3. Rotate the photo to the correct orientation and save it.
  4. Upload the rotated photo to your Wordpress post. Save the post.
  5. Read the post with an iOS device to verify the photo is displaying correctly.
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