About design revision rounds

LexBlog's goal is to help you get your blog live as soon as possible so you can start publishing content that will help you make a name for yourself and your firm.  Therefore, our goal is always to get your blog’s design right the first time, but we know that’s not always possible.  If design changes are needed, you should gather complete feedback from all stakeholders before communicating your requested changes to us.

For this process to be successful, please consider the following:

  • Who are the blog stakeholders? Who are the attorneys or marketing professionals who will be involved in the entire lifecycle of the blog?

  • Do stakeholders like the look & feel of the design including the font, colors, and imagery? Does the blog design fit within the firm's branding guidelines?

  • Have the blog stakeholders logged into the the blog, written a test post or page, and have they navigated to all pages in the main navigation?  Giving the blog a “test drive” is a great way to surface feedback.

  • Does the blog function as they expected? If not, are there additional features or functionality they would like to see?

The cycle of you providing feedback to us and our designers implementing it constitute a “design revision round.”  Here is an overview of the number design revision rounds included in each plan:

Professional 0
Boutique 1
Full Service 2

If required, additional design rounds may be purchased for $399.

Some changes you might want are straightforward and easy for us to implement. Others might require more time and expertise from our design professional, requiring the use of a design revision round.

Here's a general overview of which changes require the use of a design revision round and which can be completed ad-hoc:  

Layout Updates Title/Tagline Updates
Blog Color Palette Update

Widget Updates

Masthead Updates Text Updates
Imagery Updates Post Formatting Updates


Our goal throughout the design process is to stay focused on what’s important: getting your blog live so you can start realizing business value. Restrictions on the number of included design revision rounds are about maintaining that focus - not nickeling and diming. We look forward to working together to get a design that you’re happy with so you can move your focus to the most important part - your writing and networking.

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