Add a case or statute citation with Fastcase


The Fastcase plugin allows authors to search for and link to U.S. cases and statutes with Fastcase search results in blog posts. This document explains adding a case citation to a post.

Before you start


  1. Open a post for editing.
  2. Click the Fastcase button in the editor: 
    Fastcase button in post editor
  3. In the Fastcase search window, find cases with either the Search tab or the Look up Citation tab:
    • Use the Search tab to search cases by keywords.
      • Click Use Citation to create a link to the case or statute with the Bluebook citation as the anchor text.
      • Click Use Link to create a link to the case or statute with your desired anchor text.
    • Use the Look up Citation tab to search by volume, reporter, and page number.
    • Optionally, after selecting a case, click the View Fastcase text icon icon to view the case text in a new window.

    Fastcase search window

  4. If desired, edit the anchor text field at the bottom of the window to change how the link text appears in the post.
  5. Click Insert at the bottom of the Fastcase window.

Further information

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