About CAPTCHA images

LexBlog utilizes a reputation-based security network to identify and deflect malicious traffic to your blog. This technology protects you from spammers, abusive bots and crawlers, and attempts at hacking your site’s software or guessing your password.

On the LexBlog Network, such malicious visits represent (on average) 4% of a blog’s traffic!

If you are seeing a challenge page like the one you posted while visiting your site, the IP address of your internet connection may have been involved in malicious behavior on a site managed by this technology. Possibly, your device has been infected by malware or a virus. By default, this page will not appear, so your readers will not see this page unless their IP address meets these same security criteria.

As you’ve probably already discovered, once you successfully complete the CAPTCHA, you will be allowed to visit your site for one hour before you might be challenged again. For a more permanent solution for your home or work network:

  1. Let the Success Team know you continue to see a challenge page
  2. Send the IP address of your network to the Success Team or support@lexblog.com and we will facilitate whitelisting your IP address. Hint: Google offers this quick way to confirm your specific IP address.
  3. Because false positives are rare, utilize virus and malware scanners for your operating system to detect and remove possible infections.

We can also whitelist the IP address of your blog readers as needed.

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