About secure passwords


To protect your blog, LexBlog requires secure passwords for all user accounts. 

Our password security is measured by zxcvbn, which estimates how long it would take a password to be cracked using different computational techniques. We require passwords of at least medium strength.

If you're curious, you can test passwords and see the amount of time it could take to crack them.

Choosing a secure password


  • At least 12 characters
  • A combination of upper and lower-case letters
  • Punctuation symbols
  • Numbers
  • Spaces 


  • Passwords used for another account
  • Dictionary words
  • First and surnames—especially your name
  • Repeated characters
  • Sequential keyboard characters, e.g., zxcvbn
  • l33tspeak, e.g., l3xbl0g

Managing passwords

LexBlog recommends using a service like LastPass to create and store passwords.

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