About domain transfers

Domains can be transferred between registrars. At any time during your subscription you can transfer a domain to or from LexBlog's registrar, GoDaddy. This articles links to instructions for transferring domains to or from LexBlog. 


Transferring a domain to your registrar

Upon request, we will transfer any domains we registered for your site to your domain registrar. You will then need to pay the yearly renewal fee. Domain transfers can take up to 14 days.

Below are the steps you'll need to take for the most common domain registrars:


Transferring a domain to LexBlog

If you have registered a non-premium domain, you can transfer it to LexBlog for the duration of your subscription. We will then cover the yearly domain renewal fee and manage your DNS records.

To transfer your domain to LexBlog, complete the first four steps in GoDaddy's domain transfer instructions. Then contact LexBlog to complete the process.

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